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About Us

About Us
Sole Revive is a 501(c)(3) non-profit devoted to alleviating one less burden from families in need by providing them with free access to proper footwear. We work to enhance the day to day quality of life by creating an opportunity for every step to be taken in dignity. Sole Revive recycles donated sneakers by cleaning and restoring to optimal condition and distributing them to those in need.

The challenges associated with lack of resources can be observed through multiple areas of the lives of both adults and children. Individuals, families including expecting mothers living in shelters rely on clean and comfortable footwear to carry out their day to day. Sole Revive especially recognizes that children are likely to be target of bullying and shame due to lack of resources. The impact made to children can be among the more challenging to reverse,


Collection of Sneakers

Drop off your gently worn sneakers in a designated Sole Revive recycling bin and Sole Revive will pick-up, clean and redistribute to someone in need.

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Sole Revive Will Come to Your School!

Interested in raising awareness students on donating to those in need? Sole Revive will come to your school!

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Are you a student looking to volunteer? Are you a High School Administrator in search for Community Service options for your students? Sign-up with Sole Revive!

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